Custom Maserati near Danbury, CT

Custom order a new Maserati

For more than 100 years, the name Maserati has been synonymous with Italian luxury. As tastes have gotten more personalized, Maserati is now offering the ability to order a fully custom Maserati directly with their One of One factory program.

Which Maserati models can you order custom?

The GranTurismo is the most customizable vehicle in the current Maserati lineup. Choose from eight leather options, a dozen stitching patterns, eight carpets with six contrasting borders, eight steering wheel covers with carbon fiber or faux suede accents, six dash colors, six wood or carbon fiber dash trim options, and five faux suede headliners. On the exterior of the vehicle, you have the option of nine brake caliper colors, six different kinds of wheels and more exclusives paint colors, including a choice of pearlescent finishes. The Maserati Ghibli, Levante, and Quattroporte do have custom ordering available, however with fewer available selections and options.

Which custom Maserati is right for you?

Looking for a vehicle that handles like it was built for racing, but is sophisticated enough for business? Then a new Maserati is right for you. Finding the right Maserati car for you is an exciting process of discovery. Start by considering the body style that will work best with your driving style and performance needs. The Levante is the ultimate combination of on-road performance and off-road capabilities. The Maserati Ghibli offers a masterful combination of power and comfort, while the Quattroporte features a captivating blend of performance and luxury with the body of a sedan. We encourage you to take a test drive with one of our in-stock Maserati models to help determine which car is best for you. Once you have found the model you want, next comes the options. Select the interior and exterior color options, make your fabric and trim selections, and review any upgrade requirements you may have. Once your package has been created, it is sent to Italy for construction.

Why buy a custom Maserati?

A typical driver will never order a custom vehicle and Maserati understands this. A custom Maserati is not for everyone. Custom Maserati vehicles are more expensive and can face steeper depreciation than stock models. That said, the appeal of a custom Maserati is not in its ability to retain value. A custom Maserati is a status symbol. It’s hows the world that you value design, luxury, and have put in the time and effort to achieve something that is uniquely yours.

Where can I buy a custom Maserati?

Every custom Maserati vehicle is one of a kind and is not manufactured until you have designed it. Explore the current Maserati customization options available on the Maserati website or stop in to our dealership and work with our Maserati experts are here to help you design and build the Maserati of your dreams.